Green Interiors

Say goodbye to granola design
by Pamela Portwood

The granola days of green interior design are gone. Hurray! Healthy, eco-friendly furnishings have moved beyond plain styles and banal colors to become beautiful, stylish and fun. With company names like Stray Dog and Mod Green Pod, it's clear that fun and funky is now a green style.

Five years ago there weren't very many green home products, but now it's a challenge to keep up with the new options. Of course, some furniture and furnishings are greener than others, and different products are green for different reasons. Below are some of the fun and funky green furnishings being produced today.


Where do airplanes go when they retire? These days it's not just to the Pima Air and Space Museum or to the landfill. Several companies are re-purposing airplane parts into furniture. Motoart makes fabulous desks, bars, tables - you name it - out of airplane wings, propellers, noses and even those rolling galley bars.

Lilipad Studio
Like many green furniture companies, Lilipad only makes a few products - child-size tables, chairs and stools - but they are fun, colorful pieces made by their local craftsmen from eco-friendly wood and hand painted with non-toxic paints.

Koji Collection
My parents had rattan furniture back in the 1960s, but Koji pushes furniture made of rattan and other rapidly renewable materials like liana and water hyacinth to new levels of wild design. Some of their furniture weaves these materials into jumbles that create circular canopies and other upholstered, organic shapes.

Fabrics and finishes:

Mod Green Pod
Mod Green Pod's fabrics and matching wallpapers burst with bright colors and charming butterflies, flowers and abstract patterns. Their fabrics use low-impact dyes on certified, organic cotton grown in the United States. Their vinyl-free wallpapers print water-based inks on certified, sustainable paper.

You don't have to be a wine-lover to love Fontenay's Vintage Barrel Collection of woods, but they are irresistible to wine fans. Fontenay makes wood flooring and furniture from the wine barrels' inner wood that is infused with the rich color of wine and from the tops that bare the barrels' authentic stamps and markings.


Stray Dog Designs
Considering what some designers are now recycling into lighting fixtures (Gummi Bears, Bic pens, tampons, syringes, plastic spoons and more), Stray Dog Designs' cute lamps seem tame with their bases that sprout leaves, flowers and birds. Even so, their lamps and accessories use recycled metal, glass and paper as well as cheerful paints with low levels of volatile organic compounds. They also donate a percentage of their profits to non-profit organizations in Mexico and Haiti where their artisans and workers live.

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