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Green design isn't a junkyard jumble
by Pamela Portwood

When it comes to green design, recycled doesn't mean junkyard jumble as a style. Today's recycled furnishings use everything from aluminum shavings to wine bottles to create some of the most beautiful home products on the market.

Remember though that green furnishings fall into the categories of green, greener, greenest and everything in between. Also, the products and manufacturers are green for different reasons. Below are a few of the many beautiful green furnishings available today.

Pure Inspired Design

Pure's stylish furniture has clean lines and charming upholstery. They also offer matching rugs, draperies and pillows. One interesting thing about Pure is that they have five color palettes with coordinating solid and patterned fabrics, faux leather, paint color suggestions and thread samples for their matching rugs.

WhyrHymer combines Arts and Crafts design with Asian design and then exaggerates the forms to come up with striking designs in wood. All of which is to say that it's difficult to capture the essence of its furniture and lamps in a few words, but the results are beautiful.

John Strauss Furniture Design
Furniture designers often take their inspiration from design movements of the past. Strauss turns to the Art Deco period, which began in Paris in the 1920s. Their wood furniture has the curved lines and whimsy of Art Deco work without the metallic glam look of some Deco furniture.

There are so many beautiful recycled countertop options that it's hard to pick just one, but I'll go with Vetrazzo, which combines 85% recycled glass with colored cement. The multicolored chips of glass are brilliant, and Vetrazzo has a story for each of them. I love their Cobalt Skyy design made of Skyy vodka bottles. Talk about a countertop that will capture people's attention.

Fabrics and Finishes
O Ecotextiles

I met one of the owners of O Ecotextiles a couple of years ago, and you would be hard pressed to find someone more committed to creating healthy, ethical, beautiful fabrics. The company's blog has a wealth of information about chemicals, pollution and health. Their sumptuous fabrics are made of organic cotton, bamboo, hemp, linen and wool.

EcoSmart Fire

Particulate matter from fireplaces is a prime contributor to poor indoor air quality at home. Because EcoSmart's fireplaces burn denatured ethanol, a bio-based product, they only emit heat, steam and carbon dioxide. Their striking, freestanding models can be installed without an existing fireplace or flue. Fireboxes are available to convert existing fireplaces to EcoSmart's ethanol-based system.

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